We can help you expand your business

Are you thinking about expanding an existing auto related business such as car repair, car detail shop, tire sales, etc.? Remember, if customers already like you for your service you have their trust and selling or brokering cars to them is a natural bridge in the car selling business. dealertrainingonline.com

Fresno Auto Broker

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Random DMV inspections are becoming more common

DMV Inspectors are resuming Spot Checks of existing Licensed Used Car Retail Dealers When a California DMV inspector drops by your dealership, shows you her official identification and says she wants to take a look around she is conducting an unannounced Spot Check. No need to feel caught off guard, just remember what is required. […]

Wholesale Dealer Toll: $250.

You Get Your Wholesale Used Car Dealer License Bond, Insurance, Resale Permit, Business License & Dealer Plates YOU CANNOT LEGALLY SELL TO THE PUBLIC Cross the Bridge with TriStar Motors Our Wholesale Dealer Toll is $ 250. +++ Service designed for wholesale dealers who want to sell a car to a retail buyer +++ Draft […]

Song Beverly As – Is Stickers

AS-IS Vehicle Sale Every sale of a vehicle that is governed by the provisions of The Song Beverly Act, sold on an “as is” or “with all faults” basis, made in compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied warranty of merchantability and, where applicable, of […]

We can teach you how to become a licensed used car dealer in california

· San Diego · San Francisco · San Jose · San Luis Obispo · San Mateo · Santa Barbara · Santa Rosa · Sherman Oaks · Stockton · Tracy · Ventura · Visalia · Walnut Creek We are the only #realcardealerschool in California We teach more students than any other car dealer school 800-901-5950

does your car buyer have a fraud alert on their credit report ???

After the Equifax data breach, some people are considering placing a fraud alert, freeze, or lock on their credit file to help prevent identity thieves from opening new accounts in their name. To help consumers decide on a course of action, a Federal Trade Commission blog post, Fraud alert, freeze or lock after Equifax? FAQs, describes […]

California DMV Inspector

TriStar Motors is the oldest & largest car dealer school in California. DMV Certified since 1998. DMV Dealer Education Providers DMV Dealer Inspector Offices Covina | Fresno | Los Angeles|  Orange | Sacramento |  San Bernardino | San Diego El Cerrito | Fairfield | Hayward |  San Francisco | San Jose | Santa Maria|  Van Nuys Bakersfield | Chico #realcardealerschool Text your documents to: 415-730-3137 Fax: 1-888-948-1795 Email: tsm974@gmail.com or call 800-901-5950 and […]

why Los Angeles Dealer School ???

TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider. Most of the 50 or so competitors purport to be experts in the auto industry.Most competitors charge low fees which range anywhere between $75 – $200.Most of the providers are insurance brokers trying to cross sell you surety bonds.Some own their own registration service […]

Dealer Renewal Certificate of Completion

As a renewal dealer you must, take a continuing education course once every TWO years. To receive your certificate taking our online course or our home study course, you must review the California DMV approved dealer education curriculum and pass the Quiz. We also offer dealer renewal classes in person. Upon completion of your continuing education class online […]

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