@runtheVIN remember a salvage title drops the value at least 40%

Where can I find my VIN? Your vehicle’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit number that can be found on the title document, the vehicle registration, and on the insurance policy. The VIN can also be located at the following locations on the car itself:   On the driver’s side dashboard (viewable through […]

California Dealer Renewal Online

Online California DMV approved continuing education courses for auto dealers. How to renew your California Dealers license. Upon completion of your continuing education class online we will need a FAX or SCAN of your dealer license & a photo ID. You may SCAN these docs and send them to: admin@gotplates.com

Mentor a family member today

If one has practical experience in the auto business – start a license with your kid, your cousin, your nephew… your talents could last a lifetime. You can start out slow, wholesale only even. Young people need mentoring. This is a detail oriented process and having someone to guide them thru the process is often […]

Dealer Renewal Certification

Now you can complete your renewal program quickly Simply:  1) FAX or SCAN your documents,  2) complete the test and  3) we send your certificate USPS priority mail – it’s that easy!  If you need it sooner we also offer USPS Express mailing service. renewonlinenow.com

are you using your dealer plate correctly ???

§ 201.00. Use of Special Plates Issued to a Dealer 13 CA ADC § 201.00 BARCLAYS OFFICIAL CALIFORNIA CODE OF REGULATIONS Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness Title 13. Motor Vehicles Division 1. Department of Motor Vehicles Chapter 1. Department of Motor Vehicles Article 3.3. Special Plates (Refs & Annos) 13 CCR § 201.00 § […]

wholesale dealers can draft retail sales thru TriStar Motors LLC

DMV Licensing Choices All dealer license applicants must select the type of dealership they wish to create. The choices are: Wholesale Only Wholesale only dealers sell from dealer to dealer, auction or dismantler, A wholesale only dealer cannot sell directly to the public. We offer drafted sale assistance for wholesale only dealers wishing to sell […]

does your instructor really know the registration process ???

Main Location Information REGISTRY  9353 ACTIVITY ROAD SUITE H   SAN DIEGO CA  92126 Tel: (619)460-4717 Location Opened : 05/12/2016 Location Closed: Licensed to Provide, Offer or Sell: Registration Service.  License Information License No.: 61830 License First Issued: 11/19/2004 Operator or Contact: Owner of Business: CERVANTES ROSA IRIS 

Outlaw Motors Car Dealer School

Imagine an instructor / dealer license seminar who claims to be a car dealer but has no license with their name on it Imagine an instructor / dealer license seminar who proudly posts weekly classes and sends you to a dead advertising website Imagine an instructor / dealer license seminar who is really just a […]

DMV Salesperson License – TriStar Motors – Modesto

Salesperson License Application Training Become licensed for the following: Obtain your auction agent licenseBecome a licensed auction buyerObtain your wholesale salesperson licenseBecome a licensed retail salespersonObtain your document agent licenseBecome a licensed dmv salesperson for DMV registrations Attend our one hour licensed auction agent classPass a 30 question multiple choice examinationProvide us a copy of […]

Spanish classes to become a DMV Licensed California Used Car Dealer

Getting your used car dealer license is a process after you take the DMV class you must pass the DMV exam you then collect documents and file your used car dealer license application We have more teachers in more locations than any other car dealer school *** DMV Certified Car Dealer Education since 1998 Three […]

Random DMV inspections are becoming more common

DMV Inspectors are resuming Spot Checks of existing Licensed Used Car Retail Dealers When a California DMV inspector drops by your dealership, shows you her official identification and says she wants to take a look around she is conducting an unannounced Spot Check. No need to feel caught off guard, just remember what is required. […]

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