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What If I Don’t Comply? Dealers who violate the Used Car Rule may be subject to penalties of up to $42,530 per violation in FTC enforcement actions. Many states have laws or regulations that are similar to the Used Car Rule. Some states incorporate the Used Car Rule by reference in their state laws. As […]

Car Dealer Best Practices California

Chapter 19 – Salvage – Nonrepairable – Junk Vehicles 19.000 Introduction 19.005 Abated Vehicles 19.010 Authority for Cancellation, Suspension, or Revocation 19.015 Definitions 19.020 Duplicate Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Certificate 19.025 Junking a Vehicle—Dismantler 19.030 Junking a Vehicle—Individual 19.035 Nonreceipt of Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Certificate 19.040 Nonrepairable Vehicle Certificate 19.045 Notice of Retention by […]

No Sales Pitch Dealer Class

Lets Be Honest Most of the Providers on the DMV Dealer Education Provider List are Salespersons trying their very best to sell you a host of Dealer Products Car Dealer Bond, Car Dealer Insurance, Car Dealer Software Car Dealer Consulting Services, Car Dealer Frames & Forms Most are not REAL Dealers teaching Dealers Do you […]

it is easy to @runtheVIN

Where can I find my VIN? Your vehicle’s unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-digit number that can be found on the title document, the vehicle registration, and on the insurance policy. The VIN can also be located at the following locations on the car itself: On the driver’s side dashboard (viewable through the […]

why Los Angeles Dealer School ???

TriStar Motors is not your ordinary DMV Approved Dealer Education Provider. Most of the 50 or so competitors purport to be experts in the auto industry.Most competitors charge low fees which range anywhere between $75 – $200.Most of the providers are insurance brokers trying to cross sell you surety bonds.Some own their own registration service […]

Personal Use Tax

When a dealer uses their dealer plate to operate an inventory vehicle for personal use a small amount of use tax is required per the CDTFA Take the cost of the vehicle including reconditioning costs use the CDTFA divisor of 40 to obtain the taxable monthly base Report this amount for each month of use […]

celebrating 23 years of teaching california used car dealer education

As we approach our 23rd anniversary as DMV certified car dealer license instructors we are often asked the question ” WHY ARE YOU THE HIGHEST PRICED CAR DEALER SCHOOL ??? “ well, here are the simple answers we answer the phone we respond to questions we assist before, during and after the dealer class we […]

San Diego DMV Dealer License Class by Sonia Haloulos

Getting your used car dealer license is a process and we help you before, during & after the car dealer class *** We are the only licensed retail dealer / brokers with a teaching license Let us help you build your Used Car Dealer License Let us help you find vendors to make serious money […]

Salvage Auction Access Broker

Selling Retail with an Out Of State Dealer License is Illegal We are NOT AutoBidMaster Get Licensed Today 800-901-5950

fresno licensed DMV registration services

TriStar Motors LLC is a Licensed Registration Agent # 93711 Registration Service ( by mail )   $40. Registration Service ( walk-in )   $75. Vehicle Verification ( on site )    $25. Title Reconstruction                   $100. BY APPOINTMENT 415-730-3137  

Salinas Auction Access

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Your Car Dealer Bond Seminar Online for California Car Dealers

Video Vault Click the links below to view selected videos. To view the series of IADAC “Quick Tips” CLICK HERE and subscribe to our channel! Autonomous Vehicles-DMV Deputy Director Bernard Soriano Buy Here Pay Here Seminar Chris Taylor-ADA Compliance IADAC Quick Tips Video Series ADA Cautions Advertising After-sale Repairs BOE Audits Dealer Bond Misconceptions Goodwill Repairs/Avoiding Implied […]

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